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self portrait #5
Anonymous: Favourite Model interms of looks that you have photographed..

probably Gigi Perry !! but I love everyone else’s looks just as much 

Anonymous: how do you take those photos of yourself. they turn out beautiful

thank you! i recently got hold of a shutter remote and tripod! so it was just a lot of playing with angles and lighting :)

more ‘self portraits’ #4
Anonymous: who is your favourite model

that I’ve photographed? or in general? because I’m obsessed with Ali Michael <33

Anonymous: I'd love to shoot with you. Are there any requirements??

hey pal! check out my modelling enquires link on my blog! requirements are there xx

self portrait #3
Anonymous: Is the canon ae1 easy to use? Do you know of any other good film cameras?

its so easy! i don’t have much experience with other film cameras but the easiest to me is the ae1 

Anonymous: Gosh ur photography is beautiful. A few of my friends have done shoots with you. Your extremely talented babe xxx

thanks bae!

Anonymous: What do you like about each of your models, like their look..

everything! i love noticing little things about people and then trying to capture it c: I don’t really want to list everyone and explain everything! because i did photograph them because i like their look?! ask me about a particular person maybe ahaha

shades of grey/shapes
model: Georgia McKern
model: Georgia McKern
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